Hi there!

In this post I would like to show you a few activities that we have done during the weekends here in Ghana.

On the weekends we have no lectures or seminars so they are available for us to explore the country we are in.

On our first weekend here we went to Elmina, which lies 20-30 minutes by taxi down the coast. The city is charming and has a lot of hotels welcoming tourists and a big harbour with many fishers.

The main attraction for us were Elmina Castle, which is a relic from the 15th century where it was built by Portuguese as a storage facility to keep all their goods before shipping them. The horrible thing about the history is that most of their “goods” were slaves. I will not go into detail, because I think everyone should go to hear and see themselves. Because at the castle we received a very interesting guided tour, which tells you everything there is to know.

The story is extremely sad and actually it brought me to tears. Our guide ended beautifully by saying that the former exploitative relationship between black  and white people should not separate us today, but that we rather should stand together – no matter skin color – and make sure that slavery never will happen again.

Slavery is a horrible part of our history, but as our guide said, we need to move on. After a short debrief from the guided tour we decided to go for lunch and here is a few photos of it. Fried snapper, vegetable curry, Jollof rice (rice cooked in tomato sauce) and banku. Banku is the white stuff inside the plastic bags. It is fermented maize meal that has been cooked. Most of the food here is very tasty, but this one was too much to handle and we did not finish 🙂

Last weekend we went away to Busua, a lovely beach town welcoming beach lovers, surfers and everyone else who needs to relax. Busua is only 2,5 hours from Cape Coast and we went straight after class on friday afternoon.

We spent the weekend practicing our surfer skills, it was my first time and I did pretty good if I have to say it myself 😉 The place is good for beginners, but also if you are more skilled.

Another highlight of Busua is the many animal children! Of course this depends on when you are going, but we were so lucky to meet both chickens, puppies and kittens as well as a gigantic turtle that lived in the garden of our hotel.

We also had great food at a small restaurant called Okoya Tree, located on the beach so that you can listen to and see the waves crashing while enjoying your salad with freshly caught tuna.

This is all from Cape Coast for now. Tomorrow we will start a 2,5 half day home exam so today will primarily be spent studying. It is also Sunday, which means market day, so I will probably go downtown and look at the market filling the streets and take a lot of pictures!