Weekends in Buenos Aires means time off for city exploration, not to mention the gastronomic variety. For four years producers of fresh vegetables, delicious cheese, honey, conserved tomatoes and olives, baby plants and ceramics have gathered to make a direct market with their consumers in the neighborhood of Agronomía, vest of the city center. Only arranged the second weekend of every month, this outdoor event offers courses, music and performances, craft beer and lunches with food from all over America, like the Colombian and Venezuelan arepas.

The outdoor La feria del productor al consumidor de la Facultad de Agronomía is really more a whole day plan, also because it is located at the UBA faculty of agronomy, a 40 minutes bus trip away from Palermo (or bicycling). This also implies plenty of green grass to sit down on between market booth watching. Key words for this market are, according to the producers, healthy eating, sustainable production and social economy. Over the last year the market has become super popular, still far of the tourist track, and you will find families and babies, Brazilians practicing capoeira and groups of friends singing with their guitars. The best time getting organic vegetables and fruits is as always in the morning hours, while lunch is served later on.

When I visited the market one week ago, Colombians were performing a variety of their folkloric dances in their beautiful costumes. Being April and Autumn in Argentina, we had some 25 degrees and sun the whole day.

Information about the market are published at their Facebook page, Feria del Productor al Consumidor en la Facultad de Agronomía.

Address: Av. De los Constituyentes 3454, 1417 Buenos Aires

Opening hours: 10.00-19.00 HS