We are beginning to find our way around Hoi An and are recognizing roads and buildings from time to time. What is referred to by locals as “a small town” has so far seemed quite large and chaotic, but at the same time beautiful and historic. There is always something to see and something new to spot and enjoy. There are shops and stalls everywhere, as well as cars and mopeds in an interwoven web on the roads.


To get a better acquainted around in our new city, we all went on a bike ride. There are so many nice places to experience in Hoi An and by bike you can reach everything. Particularly nice are the stretches through rice fields, where the traffic is minimal and the area quiet. It stands in sharp contrast to the hectic streets of the city center and is only minutes away from our houses. It’s a nice bike path if you want to enjoy the quiet streets of Hoi An.


We also biked through fields of herbs, a 50-hectare big area with dedicated farmers. It’s a 600-year-old lush green plantation. Here you can see all the herbs which later are sold in Hoi An marked and in a close by town called Da Nang. It’s a must see place when you are here, and if the time and money allows it – take a cooking class here where you will learn to cook new dishes with front yard grown herbs and vegetables.