In Vietnam, all students (unless you find your own accommodation), are divided into different
student houses. We are about seventy students and we are put into houses with four to ten other

If you want, you can pay extra to get a private bedroom, but most people share a room
with another person. There is the option to let Kulturstudier know if there is anyone in particular
you would like to share a room with beforehand, but the majority of us are randomly placed with
other students.

The houses vary, so don’t expect all houses to be the same. I live in the biggest house with eleven other
people, while in the smallest house, are only four. The houses all have a common area and a
kitchen. As with everything else, the size and commodities vary. All the houses have landlords
that live on the property in a connected house, in the house, or in a house close by. Our landlord
has a restaurant in the house, so we have a lot of outdoor seating and common area. Often times,
this is also a place where students from the other houses also come to hang out.


We often eat or grab a drink here too because the food is delicious and she gives us a discount on the beer! For
some of the houses that don’t have a lot of common spaces to hang out, the people living there
often hang out at other houses, cafes or restaurants, or the student café. All the student houses are
located in the same area, and the distance to the university is about fifteen minutes by bike.


Even though all the houses have a kitchen, the majority of us eat out every single day. I have not
made a single meal in the house and most of us haven’t. Some might make breakfast before
school or a snack in the afternoon, but mostly we only use the fridge in the kitchen. It’s always
nice to be able to buy some fruits or keep your drink cold.


When it comes to the bedrooms, they vary in size, storage space, lighting, and bed sizes. The
bathrooms also vary in size and commodities. What surprises a lot of people is that the shower is
often placed in the middle of the bathroom with no curtain and there is water everywhere.
Thereby the name “wet room” 😉 First, this might be a bit weird, but we all get used to it and I
honestly kind of like it.


Enjoy your new home!

– Nathalie