If you have read some blogposts about Nepal, you might have seen that trekking is a common activity when staying in Pokhara. There are plenty of opportunities to go trekking in the area, and I would recommend to go trekking at least once. You won’t regret it! Anyhow, this post will give you some insight in other activities to do when staying in Pokhara. The cost of the different activities will vary, and most of us ended up prioritizing some above others.

Meditation and yoga classes: There are several villages and places in the area that arrange different yoga and meditation courses. It is possible to take longer courses during the week-ends, or for a week or longer after the group paper is delivered by the end of the semester. There are also classes you can take every day before or after class. Most of us took yoga classes at The Juicery at lakeside, but there are plenty of places to choose from.

Voluntary work: Nepal is actually one of the countries is the world with most NGO’s. This makes it possible to do various types of voluntary work while staying in Pokhara. You will probably talk more about the different possibilities and ethics around voluntary work during your stay. During our semester in Fall 2023 we got to know Pabita who run Chetana. Chetana is a viewing store and organization providing safe houses, work, and resources for girls who have been exposed for domestic violence or sexual abuse. I believe you will get to know her during your stay as well.

Paragliding: I know some went paragliding, and I believe Pokhara must be a great place to do it!

Week-end getaways to several villages: There are several villages in the area to explore while staying in Pokhara. Most people used the week-ends to visit various villages, either to write the group paper, or just to relax. Gandruk, Dhampus, Bandipur, and Begnas Lake is just some of the places we went during the semester, and I would recommend to visit all of them if you find the time.

Rafting: Some of us also spent a week-end to go rafting. We rafted in the river Kali Gandaki. Although the rafting was really fun, I think the best part about the trip was having bonfires in the evening, swimming, eating great food, and sleeping in tents or under tarps on the beach. We went together as a big group at the end of the semester, which was a great way to end our stay together in Nepal.

As mentioned, most of us had to prioritize which of the activities to do because of the cost. Anyhow, I would recommend to try to do as much as possible if you have the opportunity. With that being said, the everyday life in Pokhara is how you will spend most of your days. Because of this, it is important to enjoy this as well. Personally, that was not a problem. Drinking coffee after lectures, having movie nights in the garden, grabbing a beer along the lake during the sunset, or just staying at the hotel to hang out with everyone are definitely among the things that made the stay in Nepal so great!