Perhaps, the entire world sees Holi as a festival that is full of colours, that looks so bright sunshine could fade out. Holi is all of that and more. Before the day the festival of Holi is celebrated with colours, there is a ritual where a fire is lit and ceremonial things are burnt. This is simply to make a symbolic gesture of burning away all the evil from your life and letting only the good remain. The morning after this ritual colours are taken out and the crazy, bright celebration begins.

People go out on the streets, to the terraces and fields and throw colours on each other. A very common sight is people carrying buckets full of coloured water and then emptying it over others drenching each other in colours in the process. Children also play Holi with water guns with coloured water. Balloons are also filled with coloured water and are thrown on people who pass by, by children hiding on terraces and balconies. All in all, if you want to play Holi you should be ready to not look the same for weeks after.

If you do plan on playing Holi in India, you should keep some things in mind. Put oil all over yourself before you go out to play. This helps in getting the colour off your skin. Without any oil, you’re going to be coloured for quite a while. Do not have any valuables on you when you go out to play as there are high chances of your money getting coloured and gadgets getting destroyed. Wear clothes that you do not want to use anymore after that day because I can assure you, they are not going to look the same anymore. Lastly, be ready for the unleash of the brightest of colours on you and remember to throw it back.

We went to play Holi this semester at a Holi party held at Ashoka Beach Resort. As soon as we entered we threw colours at each other and began the celebration. Dancing away to the music with colours all over us, eating pizza and then the beach made our day just perfect. The intense scrubbing and shampooing later on also could not take off the colours for many of us. However, I must say, all of my Scandinavian friends pulled off their coloured hair as if they were born with it. The pictures speak about our Holi better than I can, so I will let them.





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