The words you are reading right now are the ones that make up the very first sentence in my very first blogpost, ever. As I write this, I have spent exactly one month in the city of León. I have been living in this vibrant city for 31 days, and I can only tell you one thing. I want more.


Maybe I am used to it already, but if you find yourself walking the streets of León and you take a second to perceive your surroundings, it feels like you are walking through a rainbow in the shape of houses.

Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with visual and audible noise, and I believe that is what gives the city its rich personality. This is why I say León is a city that breathes, because León is so vibrant that it’s like the city is an actual living creature.

I have made a short video of my first 3 days in León, including a trip to The Pacific Ocean, the beach of Las Peñitas, please enjoy!

Stay tuned for more,

¡Hasta pronto!