Being and studying in another country means that your everyday life is going to be different! In a country like Vietnam that is so full of new sights, adventures and things to experience, it takes a while to settle in. So, what do you do when you have been getting used to the new circumstances? Well, somehow, even though we only stay here for one semester, we start to recognize our student obligations and that everyday life has its own rhythm. In this post I want to share with you 5 things I love to do after school here in Hoi An!

Number 1 – Cycling!

For the last one and a half year or so I have been absolutely in LOVE with biking! It is nothing professional, but something that I greatly enjoy and that gives me the freedom to go wherever I want to in a way that I know is also sustainable –  as I’m studying development, I thought I would just add that in there 😉 Upon coming to Hoi An I discovered that this place is actually perfect for biking!! Here’s why: Hoi An is a small city, and everything is within half an hour’s reach. In the heat, it is actually WAY better to be on a bike, then it is to walk. By cycling around, you use less energy and time on transport, plus you get that cool breeze coming at you. Hoi An is also very flat, so no pre-training required

A very happy me by the riverside!

It is especially nice to cycle on the small roads that stretch across the beautiful rice patties


Number 2 – Eating at restaurants

What can I say other then who doesn’t love food?? Going to restaurants is a great way to get to experience culture and local traditions, or simply to study or meet with other people! In Hoi An, you can find food on almost every corner of the city, and there are plenty of restaurants. A dish that has become very popular amongst this year’s students is Banh Mi, which simply means bread, but which contains meat and pickled vegetables, that you can buy on the street. If you are a vegetarian or vegan (like me), there are also plenty of options! It is very exciting to me that even if I’m vegan, I can go to almost all restaurants and still have many options to choose from. A lot of traditional Vietnamese food is naturally meat-free, although the one thing to look out for is fish sauce, which you can’t see, and they use in a lot of recipes. There is a completely vegan restaurant very close to the Balance Café, and I have gone there several times just by myself, meeting not only Vietnamese, but also people from Colombia, Israel, Australia, Germany and Taiwan! This has led to some very nice dinners and interesting conversations!

Simple and delicious (and no – the cigarette in the background is not mine…)

Sometimes, taking a break from Vietnamese food is also nice, especially when it’s vegan chocolate cake! (Rosie’s Café, Ancient town)


Number 3 – “Sunset hour”

This time of the day is the BEST! Even though it’s technically not an activity, I still have to include it. When the temperature drops and the air becomes more pleasant, though still warm, I always feel like going outside and use up some energy. This could be in the form of enjoying a trip to ancient town, a workout on the balcony or just finding somewhere with a nice view, like the beach, and taking a stroll in the sunset. I found myself actually making mental notes to go outside at the exact right time so often that I put it on my schedule! And if anyone is wondering what the specific time is, it is from 16.45-17.45😊

Beautiful walk along the river at sunset..!


Number 4 – Yoga class

In Hoi An, I have had the opportunity to try out yoga for the first time, and I really like it! The place is right in the same street as the university, and the teacher is super nice. We (me and a couple of others) have been going there several times, and it feels really good for both the body and the mind afterwards! I don’t know if yoga is done differently in Vietnam, but I know that I probably wouldn’t have done it as often at home. Anyways, my goal is to manage the headstand properly before I leave!


Number 5 – Relax on the beach..

Of course, this is kind of an obvious one, but relaxing on the beach is so nice!! Especially when thinking of the weather that is getting colder every day in Scandinavia, and with a big smoothie or coconut drink in your hand! The air is fresher at the beach, and you can swap between playing in the waves and chilling in a chair under a parasol. Put simply, the beach makes us all feel like we are just on holiday, and that summer is everlasting!

Not a bad view to have…