Before I decided on heading to Nicaragua, I had never heard of Volcano boarding, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t either. What is Volcano boarding? It’s exactly what it sounds like: You receive a board (a wooden sled), hike up a volcano, and ride the board to the bottom.
This was a trip organised by Kulturstudier, for all its students. I presumed it would be comparable to riding a sled on snow, which I have done a hundred times before, but the fact is that you are not sliding on soft snow, you are racing down on nothing but dust and solid volcanic rocks.










It was an experience unlike anything else. CCN Travel has made a list of the Top 50 Thrilling Things You Can Do On Vacation, and Volcano Boarding reached nr.2. If you are not looking for extreme, the speed is fairly easy to adjust after the level of thrill you are looking for, and even though it might look scary, most of us did not go as fast as you see in the video: