On the third of our sixteen weeks in Nicaragua with Kulturstudier, we (a small group of 6 students) decided to travel to the island of Ometepe. Ometepe is an Island consisting of two connected volcanoes, which rise 1394 And 1610 meters above sea level.
The island of Ometepe is not encircled by the sea. Ometepe is situated in Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America. Two of my friends and I decided to ascend the tallest volcano, La Concepción. This is an 8-10 hour round trip, which contains jungle-looking landscapes at the bottom, trails of volcanic sand as you get closer to the top, and once you reach the summit, and if you are lucky with the weather, you will have an astonishing view over the entire crater, the other volcano, the lake, and as there is no other surrounding summits than the two volcanoes, the horizon is close to endless.





The air humidity was extremely high, and this is what makes some of the pictures blurry, as there is condense on the camera lens, and we did not have anything to wipe it off with as all our clothes were soaked from the rain, the humid air and our own sweat. The air humidity makes the heat at the bottom hotter and the cold at the top cooler. During our ascend, we experienced blue skies and sunshine at the start, and rain, clouds, fog and slightly chilling gusts of wind once we approached the top. Unfortunately, we did not get a complete view from the top because of the clouds, but we still had some pretty insane views on the way up and, once on the top, of the crater itself.




Check out the YouTube video from the hike here:

¡Nos vemos pronto!