Nepal is a cool place for adventure.

My adventure began with Mountain flight together with my batchmate. It was early morning flight for which, we departed from hotel at 4 in the morning. Our flight was boarded after two long hours of waiting in overwhelmed state. We sat on a eighteen seater light aircraft. It was flight ride through the Himalayan range to see some world’s highest points. The peaks there were not just the tips of mountains but has cultural as well as global significance. There we saw Mt. Kailash (a culturally sacred place), Mt Lhotse, Mt. Makalu. At last we saw Mt. Everest, world’s highest point. The elegant standing of the mountains was breathtaking. The topography was unique and has the sense of isolation. It was an amazing view. I felt touched.

Mt. Everest

In a town Pokhara, all of us went for boating followed by a short trek. We sailed in small boats in which only four people can accommodate. The boat trembled on every step while boarding and it was scary. We sat on plank balancing each other. The sailor shared his one oar and I assisted him in sailing. It was an exciting experience. We reached to an islet having a small temple. There was loud religious music and people were dancing. Some of our friend accompanied them. Once more we sailed and arrived at the trekking base. We walked uphill. We could see some beautiful view of Pokhara city from height. Some started panting but reached the top. There was a Peace Stupa built by buddhists. It was a serene moment for us.

The next day we had booked for paragliding. We went to the hill top for the dive. Our gears were tightened and we were waiting for some particular breeze. I was curious to see how it works. I with my pilot ran for 5 to 6 steps and I felt a slow upward drag. We were in the air suspended in the glider. I carried my camera with me which was usually not recommended. It was the second time after the mountain flight I was clicking desperately without thinking as if I cannot miss any moment. I could see the roads, trees, mountains, houses below my feet and felt, what it’s to be like a bird. We went high in a circular path and moved towards a hill side. We landed at the lake side. I could still feel the goosebump while writing.

In Pokhara there were many caves which I didnt considered as adventurous until I went there. I was thinking it will be a touristic viewing of some hole in the mountain but it was an experience with geographic curiosity. We went to three caves. These structures were huge and built by centuries of geographical activities. One of the caves, Gupteshwar cave had huge waterfall at the end. The thundering sound of the waterfall was echoing inside. It was an unexpectedly stunning encounter. Another was Mahendra cave which had limestone formation. It looked so different with dripping water all over. Generally these caves were humid inside and had many mysterious tunnels. Lastly we went to a Bat cave. At entrance, there was guide who offered us to give a tour but we thought that we have been to many caves without any guidance so we went inside ourselves.

We entered with a portable light. One of our friend felt disgusting to see the hanging bats so she went back and just two of us went in. We reached to point from where there was big hollow space enough to play football. We went in and lifted or head and we can see a swarm of bats. More than ten thousand bats were hanging from the roof of the big cave. There was a group of people who passed us and we followed them. There was a way out to the cave from different side and we opted for that. We walked upward and reached to a narrow path. The group were going out slowly. We were waiting in queue below the earth in absolute darkness. I started feeling bit uneasy as I thought we will have to walk in such narrow space with so many people. My friend went ahead and climbed up to come out but I standing down went in rejection mode. I said no I will go back but even going back alone was dangerous due to wrong foot step and falling from the height inside. But my friend said she could see some light ahead which gave me strength and I followed her. We crawled and climbed to come out from that suffocating dark space. I was not scared during paragliding but this suffocation really scared me. It was suffocating to have some many people in such small space and you have to wait. But that group helped us. It was my thrilling adventure which still gives me shiver. We came out and I kept hugging my friend for sometime.