It is said that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull Boy” and I think Kulturstudier understands this literal saying perfectly well hence inculcates the best level of social experience for its students. Just like everyone else, when I read through the lecture schedule prior to the start of the semester in Cape Coast, I thought to myself; it is going to be so regimental and boring to sit for only ten weeks lectures for a 30 credit course. Little did I know that Kulturstudier had it all figured out with a strategy that makes room for the excellent, the average and the below average students at the same time. Off course lectures were carried out as planned but it was not rigid as I anticipated, we had time to explore and get the best experience out of Cape Coast, Ghana and among ourselves as students.

The first activity that got so many of us introduced to one another was the welcoming dinner. As new as we were, the food and drinks got us sharing tables and talking about what we expected for the semester, the music got us understanding those who share taste for a particular rhythm and finally the dance floor turned everyone to a dance tutor as we took turns to teach others how to dance to a particular music of your home country. After the welcome party, one could mention almost all the names of his or her class mates.

Another thing was the farewell dinners for lecturers which I often anticipated with mixed feelings. We loved our lecturers and often remarked, two weeks is such a small time to spend with a particular lecturer yet we equally wished those two weeks could be turned into one day so we could enjoy ourselves at another farewell party.

We also organized our own parties as students where we prepared and showcased both Ghanaian and Scandinavian dishes, these parties were really awesome. I remember how my team prepared something I have no idea of on one barbeque night, it was amazing. We played different kinds of games at these house parties and these games got everyone interested and always looking up to the next house party.

I am not forgetting those times we went out at night to enjoy some Entertainment. Oh yes and the birthdays, No student’s birthday can escape the mind of the seminar leaders, they are always prepared and waiting. It is the time for the delicious cakes and the sweet melodies of birthday songs in Swedish, Twi, Danish and Norwegian. It is just weeks after we left Cape Coast and I am already feeling like my colleagues have been missed for years.