Now you are probably all set for going to Nicaragua. You are probably very excited, and maybe a little nervous. I am back in Norway, and i can tell you that my last 4 months in Nicaragua have been nothing less than incredible.

Both in the hostels, in school, and at after-school activities, you are always surrounded by the other students, so you are guaranteed to make friends fast. Already the second weekend, all of the students went on a trip to Cerro Negro, where we dressed up in yellow overalls and rode a sled down an active volcano. Later we have had the opportunity to visit turtle hatcheries, where we have not only seen, but held and released baby turtles in the ocean ourselves. These things, and many more, are just some of the things you have waiting for you when you come to Nicaragua.

In addition to these activities organized by Kulturstudier, there is a whole bunch of festivals and parades that are celebrated in León. You will probably see the Gigantona and the Enano Cabezon more than a few times, and the list of myths and legends is close to endless. These festivals and parades bring people to the streets and make the everyday life a bit more interesting.

So what can I say to sum it all up? Like most other things it is what you make out of it. You decide if you want to spend most of your time improving your spanish, learning new skills, making new friends, or explore new places. But chances are you are going to do all of these things, and have an experience you will never forget.

Saludos desde Nicaragua!