The whole class vent on a field trip to a Katu Village! Katu is a ethic minority in Vietnam and this is a village that hosts tourists to see how life is in rural Vietnam. The trip to the village took about four hours over blue rivers and green hills.

We did fieldwork in the village and we got divided in different group for different research. Amongst the themes where, sustainable development, tourism and health. My group had education as our theme. So we sat out to interview children, parents and teachers, however our plans changed when the schools where closed on the day of our arrival. So we talked to some parents about how they felt about the school in the village, but in the end  we ended up playing with the children of the village and asking some questions meanwhile. We found out that they all seemed very happy with going to school and that most children in the village attended regularly. However the most memorable experience was just all the fun we had with the kids!

We played hide and seek, cat and mouse and bathed in the river at the end! All these activities are universal and we quickly saw that even though we did not speak the same language it didn’t really matter. Everyone understood that you hide from the speaker and you run from the cat, and most of all that when someone is not jumping in the water you splash as much water on them as you possibly can.

After all the fun we drove a little while through the jungle and around mountains to arrive at the community house where we where to sleep. This Village created us with traditional music and dance and a great meal. The fire was burning and we all joined the dancing and tried our best at playing the instruments. Some of us got swords and shields to dance with and the others had to watch in jealousy. After the show we played cards and fell a sleep to the sound of the crickets, while watching the fireflies in the sealing.