We are now a week into our field work process and it is so exciting!

The other day we had a great interview with a woman called Vida. She sells broflow (I have no idea of how to spell this) and porridge which is a normal breakfast and afternoon snack here. She invited us to come and see the preparation the following day. So we met her at 6.30 at her spot in the street where she was already working on the frying process.

As you can see in the pictures, broflow is a dough fried in oil, it is a bit like a doughnut, but less sweet and very, very tasty. The porridge is served in these little plastic bags and you are supposed to bite a hole in it an drink it just like that.

People come by and get their breakfast and it is one cedi for one broflow and a bag of porridge.

We also went to her house to watch the last part of the cooking process of maize porridge which is actually a three day process of soaking, washing, grinding and sieving.

For dinner, we had palava sauce with boiled plantains, it might not look that good, but it tastes like heaven! It is made of leaves from coco yam which reminds me a bit of spinach and is very healthy 🙂 So when you come to Ghana, no need to fear boring food, the Ghanaian cuisine is tasty!