Hoi An is a wonderful place for its old houses and beautiful river, but it also has a lot to offer when it comes to food and drinks, specially coffee. Hoi An Old-Town is filled with coffee shops on every corner. There are places on the rooftops where you could get a good view of the Chinese-styled rooftops, down on the busy street level where you can enjoy the life and colours of the town or in small back allies where one can have some quiet time to study. One of our favourite places have become Rosie’s. This place is located in a back alley close to the Japanese bridge it has a nice half inside, half outside seating and offers great coffee, and truly amazing smoothie bowls topped with fruits. This quiet place is a contrast to the very busy Hai Cafe which is know amongst the locals as the best place to get coffee. I would recommend going here if you want to see some local life and drink a strong cup of Vietnamese coffee. You can also buy lottery tickets, which are really popular, and watch the men play cards and listen to way to loud music. If you are looking for a place to relax and get a good view of the town there is a rooftop restaurant called The Chef. This place has some beautiful lanterns! Both traditional and some made of old beer cans.

When it comes to food there is a few dishes one must try before one leaves Vietnam. They are White Rose, Bahn My, Cao Lao and Pho. White Rose is a type of dumpling filled with shrimp, it is a  traditional dish from Hoi An itself. Can Lao is noodles meat and vegetables, topped with salad and coriander, if you like that stuff. It is a very cheap dish and there is a lady who makes the best one in the food market, you’ll find her in the middle somewhere and you’ll know it when you find her. Pho is a northern dish, but it is served everywhere in Vietnam. It is noodle soup with beaf or chicken and I recommend you to try it out in one of the many places on the street. These places are often just a stand with plastic seats around, maybe under a sheet strong up between a tree and a pole. They always serve great food and are always quick with the order.