This blogpost is going to be about all the good spots in Cape Coast which is where we are living when studying with Kulturstudier. Now I have been around Ghana for a while and I have seen different cities, towns and villages and I still think that Cape Coast is my favorite place.

One of the great things about this city is how well connected everything is, meaning you can walk from A to B, or take a shared taxi for 1,5 cedi 🙂 My point is that everything is within walking distance and its easy to find your way around.

The first place I would like to tell about is Kotokuraba Market. It can be seen as the pulsating heart of the city. The market stretches over several streets and and also in a building designated for vendors. Here you can buy pretty much everything fresh vegetables, fish, baked goods as well as shoes, clothes and stuff for your home. Sometimes the bus from Cape Coast University drops us off at the market after classes so we can shop groceries for dinner.

In the middle of the market there is also a supermarket called Sonturk, and as Europeans, we love our supermarkets. Sonturk is fine, but a more important place worth mentioning is Sweetbay! Or “The Western Shop” as we call it. Here you can buy cheese, expensive vanilla soymilk and whole wheat pasta. Things that the obronis like 😉

A different nice place in Cape Coast is Baobab House, a restaurant that serves vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as a lot of delicious juices. It’s all very healthy and I’m sure you will find your way down there if you start missing crunchy vegetables.

Surrounding Cape Coast there is also some great places. For instance Kakum National Park. Here you can go with taxi of tro tro and do a hike around the forrest, try walking in the canopies or both! I tried the canopy walk and it was really fun. But you should not go if you are afraid of heights!

The trip takes about half a day.

Another nice thing to do is to enjoy the swimmingpools in one of the more fancy hotels. Elmina Beach Resort or Coconut Grove in Elmina both has a nice pool and sun beds. You can swim laps or just cool down in the light blue water and afterwards you can enjoy putting on sun lotion without having sand all over your body 😉

Also I want to mention that in the last week my family and boyfriend has been visiting me here in Ghana and it have been so much fun to show them around in Ghana. It was tough to say goodbye, but it was totally worth it. If you get the chance to have visitors, I can highly recommend it 🙂

Until next time!