Last week we finished our classes. After the field work, we spent 2 weeks with lectures at campus. In the third week we prepared and presented our formal presentations of our research. This included explaining methodology, challenges, results, theoretical perspectives and how we applied these.

It was really interesting for me to hear about the other field sites and what the other groups had found out. This was the last time at our beloved campus.

It all ended with a great farewell party at Nana Bema Thursday night. We had invited our Ghanaian friends from field work and Cape Coast as well as other places. A catering service took care of the food and there was a bar and a DJ to get the party started. It was really fun and we all danced to the local tunes until our feet started to hurt.


Since I still had three more weeks left in Ghana, I went to Busua with some other girls from the course. I’ve already written a post about the amazing beaches there, which you can read here (


After that we went to Ada Foah, which is in the Eastern Region. It was a very long day, we sat in busses and tro tros in 10 hours on the journey from Busua to Ada Foah. But the trip was very much worth it! Our hotel Ezime Guesthouse, is super cozy and sweet.


If you go, you should make sure to be here on a Wednesday because then its market day in Anyanui. Usually there is a ferry between the two towns, but since we are just before the rainy season, there is not a lot of water in the river and therefore we took a smaller boat. It was really nice, we had a peaceful ride and the nature was super beautiful, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


In Anyanui we explored the market and bought super cheap fruits and lunch for only one cedi 🙂


It was a really nice day and tomorrow we will probably sit on the lovely veranda and begin looking at our exams. But if the weather is good like today, we might try to find a beach 😉