Greetings from Ghana!

Here it’s still hot and sunny most days even though we are approaching the rainy season (which is from May-July). Last weekend we were so lucky to be invited to a real Ghanaian wedding! It was the marriage of our field manager Orlando and his beautiful Alice.


The wedding took place not far from Accra where we all stayed at the same hostel. We left after having breakfast in our finest (Ghanaian) clothes. All of the other guests were dressed in beautiful Ghanaian clothes with its bright colours. As you can see in the pictures were no one, myself included, shy of taking pictures inside the church. The ceremony was definitely less strict in terms of accepted behaviour, compared to what I am used to from Denmark. Here it is totally fine to breastfeed your child, have a small nap or yell that the bride looks amazing from your seat in the back. Luckily it was also just fine to go outside and take a break from the loud music and songs.


At the wedding there was a great ambience. Everybody was singing and dancing and waving their hanker chiefs. We did not understand much, since they mostly spoke Twi and Fante, but we definitely got the party vibe and joined them in clapping and dancing.



The couple was placed in the front of the church, facing us spectators. Just behind the bride and the groom, the bridesmaid and the best man sat. They constantly padded the faces of the couple to remove the tiniest drop of sweat. I thought it was funny, but also very sweet. And of course it was very warm inside the church, we are in Ghana after all!



In the end we all had cake and took pictures with the beautiful couple.

It was such a funny experience to see and join a Ghanaian wedding. I would definitely recommend you to go to one if you get the chance, just join the party!