Seven proofs of why argentines are mad about football

1.Boca Juniors is to play River Plate in the historic final in Copa Libertadores, the South American Football Confederation version of the Championes League in Europe. The tension between the two Buenos Aires- based clubs is so high that whenever the teams meet, supporters from the other club are not allowed to see the game in the rivals stadium. In Buenos Aires you are either with Boca, or with River. Though the teams should have played the final by now, River supporters attacked throwing stones at the Boca teams bus hurting players inside before the game, and the final got suspended. The drama is full of rumors and now the final is supposed to be played in Madrid, which River Plate refuse to accept.

2.During the World Championship, all schools and kinder gardens were closed every time Argentina played a match. That is to say, classes were suspended and kids could even stay watching the game at school. In some school, a World Cup room was set up for students to see whatever match they wanted and at the same time skip class. ¨

3.Argentines have the costume of expressing themselves after a goal screaming swear words out of windows or on their balconies. Whether it is the national team or their favorite team, shorty after a goal, they jump up from the sofa only to run to the closest exit.

4.When a argentine baby is born, many dads make sure to inscribe their kids to their favorite football team as soon as they can.

5.The most commune phrases during a football match has to do with the female vagina, or more precisely: The vagina of the mother of whom they are directing the critic against. “Cold chest” can also be used to describe a player that performs like a dead man, not very well let us say.

6.Like most things in Argentina, the argentines get very involved and passioned and choose a site which they will defend above everything. The great Maradona is like a God to many, and he has his followers going to a own church in his name.

7.When the Argentine team win, road signs normally informing drivers about traffic ahead of accidents, turns into a football commentaries. “Thank you Nigeria” was a sign informing drivers on one of the most important avenues after the team won making the Argentine chances to continue in the World Cup this year bigger.