I have now been in Nepal for about two weeks and I’ve settled in my new apartment on the fifth floor overlooking much of Pokhara city. From my balcony I see the Fewa Lake in all its beauty, small shops along the streets selling potato chips and fruits, children playing with a football, occasionally a cow strolling around and, if the sky is clear, the highest peaks of the Himalayan range. You can only imagine the butterflies filling up my stomach when I first stood at this balcony on my first day in Pokhara, ready for the new chapter that laid ahead. Despite this being only two weeks ago, I have gotten an insight in the everyday life of the women sitting in these small shops, the children playing football and the people filling Pokhara with joy and openness. The local people are easy to talk to and are always willing to help out when we are lost “tourist” (which does happen indeed).


Pokhara is also a travel destination for all kinds of travellers. Here are backpackers, families, hikers, explorers, couples, single travellers and they come from many different parts of the world. This gives the cuisine in Pokhara a perfect balance between a real authentic Nepali experience with Mo:Mo (google it, you’ll fall in love just by looking) and a more foreigner adjusted cuisine with French crepes, coffee latte and burgers. If I am feeling adventurous, I can go paragliding, kayaking or trekking in the Himalayas, but if I need to rest I’ll go to a yoga class, a cute café for a smoothie and a good book or sit by the lake and enjoy the warm breeze. All in all, there is no doubt that Pokhara is a dynamic and interesting city that has something for most people.