All backpackers go. So does the rest of the young tourists and dancy locals. Every Monday non-stop for 12 years, a group of 16 percussionists have gathered to make an energetic outdoor show at the Ciudad Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires. The whole concert is improvised, believe it or not, making the rhythmic show even more unique. The 1500 visitors come to dance at the best Monday party the city has to offer by far. 


New way to conduct

La Bomba del Tiempo was created back in 2006 by the musician, producer and composer Santiago Vázguez. He invented his own way to conduct an ensemble, called “Rhythm with Signs” and formed the group. The Language of Rhythm and Percussion with Signs consist of around 150 hand and body signs. The musicians improvise under the coordination of the conductor. Later on, Vázguez left the band and formed other bands using the same method and even publishing a book about it. Today La Bomba is conducted by it’s own musicians by turn. 


To enjoy the feast there is birra, or beer, sold in 1-liter glasses. An even more typical Argentine drink is the fernet and cola, for those who like coca.  Every money there is also a guest artist invited to join the improvisation with the assembly – dressed up in red costumes. 


In summer time the tickets get sold out quick, so make sure you buy it online beforehand. You do not want to miss it.