Hello and welcome to my first blogpost!

In this post I want to tell you about our weekend trip to Halong Bay and Hanoi. It is really nice to have the opportunity to travel when we are in Vietnam. And when we got a long weekend, with 5 days off school that’s exactly what we did. Hoi An is a beautiful city to live in, but it is always exciting to explore some new places!

Hanoi was on the top of our list when we decided where to go, because we really wanted to see the capital. I was amazed by the city, and wished I had more time there. Definitely going back someday! We hear a lot about Hanoi in our studies, so to go and see what the teachers were talking about was really interesting. Having only 24 hours in the city, we had to prioritize carefully, and we got to see what we wanted the most. The railroad was number 1, and it was so cool (and a little bit scary) to sit close up to the wall on one side, and be only a few centimeters from the train on the other side. A thrilling experience!

We also visited the “Hanoi Hilton”. This is a prison built by the French and used to incarcerate Vietnamese party members and it was also used during the war. You can find a lot of history from the colony time and the American war here. You don’t have to do all kinds of things to get a good vibe from Hanoi, just walk around the streets of Hanoi to look at all the people, the crazy traffic and all the nice parks is an experience itself.