Where to even start. Hoi An has multiple cafes and restaurants, to find your favorites you have to explore a bit. And when you think you have tried them all, you have only scratched the surface. The amazing part about all these restaurants is that the selection of foods are wide. If you’re craving indian, mexican, greek etc you’re going to find it, and if you`re vegetarian there’s no problem, you can find options almost everywhere. Cozy cafes where one can read and study are also numerous.

In Hoi An there is also a lot of street vendors, and local restaurants. These are the places you are going to find the cheapest food, and maybe even the best. Stay open minded and let Hoi An surprise you!



This cafe is in a quiet area and close to a fruit market. I found this cafe when looking for somewhere to sit and write my exam, and it was perfect for it. I ended up spending a lot of time here, enjoying their cheap and delicious drinks. They don’t serve food here, but a wide selection of smoothies, coffee, tea etc.

Cafe 43

In a small ally close to one of the main roads, you can find this local cafe. Here you pay a small amount for delicious food. They serve everything from curry to pizza, and also local dishes such as Cau Lao. You can easy eat your dinner here for around 50.000 VND, which is approximately 20 NOK, which is insane!! Would definitely recommend the vegetable curry from this place.


Blue Mart Greek Souvlaki and Bakery

Greek souvlaki = the best. Its safe to say that we all have eaten our fair share of souvlakis from this place. They also serve a range of greek foods, but because of how amazing the souvlaki is, I’ve only had that there. This place is right in the street before the beach and is the perfect lunch spot after a day of sunbathing!

Well coffee

This cafe is located in the ancient town, in a small ally. If you go to the second floor, you can sit and watch the roofs of the town. The atmosphere here is relaxing and perfect for a study session, even though its in the town it feels quiet. The food is delicious and the owners are super friendly.

Phin Coffee

It is a bit “difficult” to find this cafe, because it is “hidden” in the end of an ally. But when you get there, you will love the location. It doesn’t feel like you’re in the city, and the people that are working there are very friendly.

Levain Bakery

If your craving some croissant or cake this is the place to go. It`s a french bakery with lots of goods.


Rosies cafe

The insta friendly cafe, with great avocado toast and smoothies. It almost packed with people every day, but for good reasons. If you get a table enjoy the food, and make the most of it.

Banh mi phuong

Banh mi is a famous vietnamese sandwich filled with various savory ingredients. Banh mi phuong is the most popular banh mi place in Hoi An, and with good reason. There is always a line to get food here, but the food is worth the wait.

Ten coffee (345 cua dai street)

If you are a coffee person like me, this is the place to go for your morning cup of coffee. This coffee shop is really close to balance cafe and on the way to school. The sweet woman who works here will give you the best morning, with a cup of coffee and a smile. You would have to try it for yourself, but trust me you will not be disappointed.

But remember to explore for yourself and find your favorites!!