The highly anticipated long weekend. Or maybe not too anticipated as we are enjoying our time in Hoi an, but the chance to see more of the beautiful Vietnam is always something to look forward to. All these amazing places to visit and not enough time to do it. We ended up with traveling all the way up north to Sa Pa, which is located in the Lao Cai province. Since we decided to fly to Hanoi and then take the night buss to Sa Pa, we spent a day in Hanoi to explore the capital.

Thursday right after school we packed our bags and headed to the airport. Our first stop was Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. A city full of life and impressions. We spent the day walking around finding hidden cafes and shops. One of the highlights of this day must have been trying the famous egg coffee, while sitting on a rooftop and watching the city life pass by.


Even though we didn’t have that much time in Hanoi, we made it to a big indoor market. With 5 floors to go around and explore in.

The short time we had in Hanoi passed by quickly and it was time to find our buss stop and get going. The night buss to Sa Pa a good decision as it proved to be quite comfortable. We got on the buss, fell asleep and woke up in Sa Pa. The rest of this day was spent walking around in the city and planning our next couple of days here.

Cat cat village is one of the places we decided to visit. The village is located in a valley three kilometres from Sa Pa. We mostly just walked around in the beautiful landscape the whole trip, taking pictures and enjoying a change of scenery during the long weekend.

After a long day exploring the magnificent Sa Pa we searched for the best pizza place in town, and I´m pretty sure that we found it. Might have been because we were exhausted after all the walking or that we were extremely hungry when we got the pizza, but until now that is the best pizza I have had in Vietnam. Unfortunately, there is no picture of this amazing food, because it was consumed in a blink of an eye.

Sa Pa is just one of the many beautiful places to go in the long weekend, but I would definitely recommend it.