Hoi An is know for its many tailors. There is probably more tailor stores than anything else in Hoi An, so getting something tailor made when you stay there is almost essential. It is actually around 630 tailor stores in Hoi An, and more popping up every now and then. Even though there is a lot of tourism there is a lot of competition to get the customers.

The price for what you want tailored is going to vary from shop to shop, depending on the location of the shop and the fabric. I would recommend you to do some research before going to the shops, and maybe try some different once. The shops that are close to the ancient town are usually more expensive than  the the once a bit further out.

You can almost get anything tailored, a dress, suit or bikini. If you just have a picture of what you would like, or an idea your good to go. It’s almost like “magic” how they just see the picture of what you want, and a couple of hours later it’s done. Maybe some altering have to be done, but they will fix that in no time.

A tailor store we found the last couples of week in our study period that is located very close to balance cafe and I would definitely recommend you to have a look. The store doesn’t actually have a name, but the adresse is: 435 cua day street. The woman who own`s this store is the cutest vietnamese women I have ever met. She will make anything you want and for a really good price. The prices here are definitely more affordable than in the ancient town.

It is so much fun getting clothes made exactly how you would like, and that they fit your body perfect. However, there is also downsides to this industry. The competition between the tailor shops is hard. Walking around in the ancient town there is going to be women that stops you and leads you to their store, even though it’s on the other side of town. I would advise you to do some research before choosing where to go and get your clothes tailored.