Hello, how are you? For me the answer can’t be anything, but very good! Life in Hoi an is amazing and I love it <3 In this blogpost I want to tell you all about our field trip to the Ka Tu villages. The trip was such a good experience and I am sure I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. We were divided into different groups before we went to Ka Tu. And each group had to choose a topic, and then make some questions we wanted to ask the locals. My group chose “Gender inequalities in Education”. This topic was so exiting and we had a lot of thoughts before we went. I think I can speak for all the people in my group when I say that we were positively surprised over the gender equality when it came to the households as well as in education in Ka Tu. The education system was also a lot better than we expected! So I would really recommend this topic when you go to the field trip to Ka TU someday;- )

But we did not just conduct field work in Ka Tu. We also got to know the local people, who had made a super nice show for us. With a big bonfire, dancing and good food. And the kids were too adorable!! Such a perfect night. We could not get enough of the culture and people!

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe get a little inspired for your visit to Ka Tu as well. I will go back there once again in my lifetime. The people were so nice and friendly<3