Hoi An is without a doubt a colorful city and part of the allure is its vibrancy. There are yellow buildings and lanterns in every color all around, making it a picturesque and sweet place. The river which runs through part of the town is also filled up, alongside the lanterns, with old tree boats in different colors. They are used for transports and tourist attractions, so be sure to catch a ride if you are here.

The boat took us out to a little island right outside Hoi An, called Cam Kim Island. You can also cycle here over a bridge, but by boat you will get a great view and a nice breeze in the heat. Until recently, the island was only connected to the mainland of Hoi An by boats. But the new bridge makes it even easier to explore and you can go there on day trips. The island is also actually the place they build most of the colorful boats you will see all over Hoi An and have done so for a long time. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to see men working on them, filling the air with sawdust and smell of timber.

The boat will drop you off by the ferry dock where you will find a local marked with exotic fruits, knickknacks, wooden souvenirs, clothes and meat. I guess you will find even more if you look closer. Take your time and look around! It´s a great place to find and try out new things.