A couple of weeks ago one of the many political manifestations took place in Buenos Aires. The political polarisation in Argentina is growing due to the elections that are rapidly approaching. We had just been on a Buenos Aires free walking tour where you donate as much as you would like to the guide. The guide took us from the National Congress to the Presidential Palace. Right after we had finished the tour, we met a massive demonstration supporting the re-election of the president. People were marching with flags and shouting and singing their support. We decided to participate as we thought it was an independence march of Argentina due to all the flags. However, the march was to show support for the current president Mauricio Macri, as the primary elections were a defeat on his behalf. However, the march did not seem as a political march as the porteños carried flags and not posters of any kind. The demonstration stretched down one of the main streets and ended in front of the “Pink House” or the President palace, where different streets meet. There were thousands of people shouting their political message. This demonstration took place in several other Argentinian cities on the same day.

The Argentinians are very passionate about politics in their country. They can often engage in debates, and will always be happy to explain to you the tense political climate that has been built up for several years. They are worried about the elections, since the pesos already dropped 30% after the primary elections. There are often huge demonstrations or marches supporting everything from action against the Amazon fire to strikes for better salaries for teachers. These are often with colourful posters or stands. The Argentinians seem eager whenever a demonstration or march occur, as they are often engaged in politics. These demonstrations show the political awareness of the Argentinians, and their dedication for change. It is usual to see especially young women carrying a green handkerchief in support of abortion. There are also women who carry blue handkerchiefs who are against abortion. Again showing that most Argentinians have political opinions that they share.

This is the fun of living in such a diverse country that allows for people to speak up about their opinion often in a colourful and powerful way.