One of the very best things about the Scandinavian culture is without doubt the ‘fika’- the strong tradition to have some good coffee and pastries at least two times per work day.  Porteños (the people of Buenos Aires) often order just an espresso or cortado, drinking it all up while on their feet and then leave the café. But as we all know, studying Spanish grammar or reading old and quite complex Latin-American literature requires a bit more than that. Therefore, I have put together this guide with my favorite cafés in Buenos Aires. Next semester maybe you will sit at one of those places, drinking coffee and doing your homework?


Adress: Bolivar 933, San Telmo


The only negative thing regarding this café is that you never want to leave it. They offer good wi-fi, great juices and a lot of nice things to eat – everything from delicious cookies and pastries to avocado toasts and bagels with smoked salmon and poached eggs. The atmosphere is calm and quiet, as many of the guests often come here to work, relax and read the free newspapers that the café has to offer. Therefore, this is the perfect place to come and study! And on the weekends, don’t miss out on trying their brunch menu.


Adress: Chile 502, San Telmo


La Poesia is one of the Bar Notables, a bar/cafe that has existed for generations and are famous for their cultural importance and old-fashioned interior as well as the classic dishes on the menu (Lomo sandwich, I’m looking at you). Here you will find a mix of porteños and tourists jointly enjoying the atmosphere – being at La Poesia feels like travelling back in time and offers a well needed break from the buzzling and sometimes stressful modern version of Buenos Aires. A must see!


Adress: Defensa 1001, San Telmo


This might be my all-time favorite café in Buenos Aires. No matter what time of the day you decide to visit, the atmosphere is great, and the music is even better. It is located just next to San Telmo market, and the big windows allows you to enjoy a great view over the people strolling around in the neighborhood. Here, they also serve the best cinnamon rolls in town (trust me, am I self-certified Swedish expert in this matter). The staff is incredibly friendly, and they are always up for some small talk as soon as they hear that you are learning Spanish. A great every-day language exercise! Use this excuse wisely and go here as often as possible.


Teahouse “Tealosophy”

Adress: Gorriti 4865, Palermo


This is the place for all tea-lovers. In this cosy place in Palermo you can order a cup as well as a whole pot choosing from a long menu with various kinds of tea. They also serve everything from cookies to salads, and you can sin inside as well as outdoors. It’s a popular place (especially on the weekends), so bring your headphones if you prefer to study in a quieter environment!



Adress: Av. Pres. Roque Sáenz Peña 805


Posta de Café is a small coffee chain perfect for grabbing a take away coffee. It’s cheaper and more genuine than Starbucks (whose shops are all over town). Also, here the staff enjoys chit-chatting while preparing your coffee, and they are always patient if you struggle to find the right words and very cheerful when you get it right (yes, that actually happens once in a while). Just a few weeks into the semester a lot of people in the class had their “Buy five and get the sixth coffee for free”-cards, as there are two shops right next to the school. One idea could be to bring your own reusable cup to lessen the amount of trash that comes with single use mugs. Buenos Aires struggles enormously with taking care of the thousands of tons of garbage that the city produces every day, due to a malfunctioning system for recycling.


These are just a few of many cafés all over town, don’t miss out on finding your own favorites while you are here and add them in the comments below!