When you go with Kulturstudier you will study quite a bit. It’s an academic program where you have school, assignments and lectures. Every day is different, but also comes with structure and a plan. But you will also live as a student, having spare time to do what you please and go where you want.

Here in Hoi An we go to school every day, with additional seminars once a week. We meet up before 8 o’clock at a local cafe where we eat breakfast together in the weekdays. Then we cycle to school, a 15 minute ride through chaotic morning streets. Have your eyes on the road and keep your head up is important, because it’s something going on all the time with traffic lights, mopeds, busses, cars and bikes everywhere.

At school we have a two hour long lecture about different developmental issues, held by professors from all over. You may need to pay extra attention though, cause the room is big, the fans noisy and the microphones quality questionable. But if you managed to keep your attention, you could learn quite a lot of interesting things.

After school we eat lunch at the same place as breakfast, where we are always served a different buffet of good food. I think it’s my personal highlight of the day and I always eat as much as I can manage. When lunch is over, people scatter to all different places and the free time starts. Some stay behind at the cafe to read, others read at local cafes, and some take the day off. Structure the day as you please, but I encourage you to find a good balance between studying and exploring the wonderful Vietnam.