Hi again!

Today I will write about different school days and lecture types that we have had here in Pokhara! Maybe not the most fun to read about but you might find it interesting if you are curious about the course! 😊

So, lets start from the beginning!

The first two weeks we had the same teacher which was super nice. Then you had a familiar face every day in the beginning. There are  lot of new things to adapt to when you arrive to Pokhara, new home, new culture, new school so it was great that we had the same teacher for two weeks. Her name was Astrid and she began with a short introduction of the course and I would say that after those two weeks you had a good overview of the course.

After those two weeks we have had loads of different teachers and guest teachers and we have also visited Pokharas University.

The week Astrid left us we visited Pokhara’s University three days in a row. The first thing that happened was that we met the teachers and they showed us around the campus. After that we had our lectures. We had 5 lectures with different teachers and they all talked about different things in Nepal. One lecture was about the diversity in Nepal, another one about the development in Nepal, one about the political, social and economic situation in Nepal and another about Nepal’s History. It was super interesting to have teachers from Pokharas University lecturing about Nepal.

In our class there are two students from Pokhara University and together with their friends they arranged a futsal game against us. That was super fun! Everyone was playing and it was really exhausting and JOYFUL! We have tried to arrange another game but so far, we haven’t managed to fix it. But there will be a re-match… because we lost!

The same week we had some guest lectures that came too our lecture hall. One of the guest lectures was Chandra that talked about Gender -Women in armed conflict, specifically women in Nepal. The last two weeks we had 4 teachers that stayed with us having different topics every day and now the two following weeks we have one teacher named Jen from USA.

What I want to say and point out is that we have had loads of different teachers, from Austria, USA, India and Nepal, we have had diverse topics and lecture types and been visiting different schools and places during this course! Everything has been interesting, fun and so far a really great experience.