There is always something to do in Buenos Aires! In this post I will share some pictures of what I did last weekend. The weather was fantastic most of the time, so I wanted to spend as much time as possible strolling around in the sun.

I had my partner over for a visit, and we started out our Saturday by taking a long walk from San Telmo (where I live) to the Botanical Garden located between Palermo and Recoleta. It’s not a huge one, but it has a beautiful green house and offers a wonderful, green break from the noisy traffic. It’s also free entrance! Right next to Jardín Botanico is Eco Parque. We were very surprised to see all the animals living there, right in the middle of the city! The last thing I expected to find was peacocks, monkeys and some kind of native rodent, but there they were, walking around freely. After this experience we decided to save the two other parks on my ‘to visit’-list, the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden to next weekend and headed towards the city center.

We jumped on the SUBTE towards Casa Rosada, which is the presidential palace. From here it was not far to walk out to Puerto Madero by crossing the famous bridge called ‘Puente de Mujeres’. Puerto Madero is far from the most genuine area of Buenos Aires consisting mostly of office buildings, hotels and expensive apartments, but it offered a very nice walk along the port, were we had one of the famous Buenos Aires gelatos and watched people preparing their boats for the upcoming summer season. Later on, we spent our night at Breoghan, one of the best bars in San Telmo for enjoying draft beers.

We started our Sunday at Museo de Arte Moderno, a museum well worth a visit. They curate a large collection of modern art and offers a lot of activities as workshops, lectures and visits from well known artists. From here it was not far to walk to the famous Sunday outdoor market in San Telmo, were you can spend hours buying antiques and art as well as watching spontaneous tango performances. Last but not least we headed over to Mercado San Telmo to get the weekly share of vegetables and fruits before returning home and prepping for the upcoming school week!