This weekend in Palermo there was a food market similar to a farmers market. It was different from food markets I have been to before, and more fun than the overcrowded San Telmo market. It was in the Parque de 3 Febrero. There were stands filled with local food and delicacies. People were selling everything from olive pastes and pastery to dulce de leche, a local favourite tasting like “Hapå”. Many had small samples that you could eat if you’d like. It was nice to see how much the porteños appreciate local products in support of local farmers. This is often quite important for Argentinians as they try to support the local economy.

There were mostly Argentinians at the market, which made it more fun as markets here often can be filled with tourists, and therefore feel less authentic. These happenings in Buenos Aires are often free and open for public as it’s hosted by the city’s government. There are often festivals and concerts here on the weekends, as culture is often promoted in Buenos Aires and Argentina in general. The Argentinians often wants to show you their culture as they are a proud people. They have different foods and drinks that they want you to taste like mate or wine as well as dulce de leche, empanadas and their local pizza.

Markets or going to a park is often a good way to spend a Sunday, since most stores are closed and you don’t want to waste a beautiful day in Buenos Aires! There are different markets in all barrios. Some only sell food while others sell everything from clothing to mate cups.

Further down in the park there were food trucks and stands selling vegan food, smoothies, cinnamon buns and sandwiches. One food truck even sold Irish food. The Parque de 3 Febrero in Palermo is really nice. People were sitting and having small picnics or generally hanging out with friends or their families. Some people drank mate, the traditional drink, and others played with their dogs. Buenos Aires is a dog friendly city, and you will see so many dogs. The owners also let you pet them if they’re not in a hurry. However, the downside of this is that there’s a lot of dog poop around the city!

Palermo is one of the nicer “barrios” where there are parks and different stores. It has become a more posh neighbourhood in the last couple of years, but it’s still a nice barrio to walk around in as the architecture is quite nice. There’s also a mall here where you can find many clothing stores like Zara or Levi’s. However, the clothing from international brands are generally more expensive here than in Norway or Sweden. Still, if you’re missing home, here’s a good place to find well known restaurants to eat food from home like McDonald’s.