We thought we had experienced the hot days of humid Vietnam, having walked and cycled around in sweaty cloths for the whole period we have stayed here. Air condition have been a best friend to most of us, and the fans have been running on full power in the classroom from the first day. But little did we know that a football match was coming up on one of the so far sunniest days.

In red and blue football shirts the Kulturstudier team entered the football field, a half hour drive outside the city center of Hoi An, to play against a team of local English teachers. With everyone already being hot and sweaty, and with only one evening of practice, the expectation level was low and the excitement high. As everyone shook hand on the field, we had to wonder on the sidelines how this would end. Lucky for everyone the friendship football match between us and the teachers actually ended up in a tie, with both teams scoring six goals each.

The match, as well as other similar activities, are a great way of both meeting and interacting with local people. We also get to see more of the city we live in, going to places we never would have found on our own. So, if you join the Kulturstudier program, do participate in some sports or voluntary event. You will not regret it, although you will be covered in sweat and reaching a new level of hot.

A little last hot weather tip from me: pack only linen and cotton cloths, believe me, you will understand when you get down here. And opt for the good quality ones. You can thank me later.