Alright! When you study together in Pokhara there are lots of things you can do during the weekend and today I will write about 3 things that I have done so far! 😊


One weekend we were a group that wanted to see more of the lake but also more of Pokhara. (It is easy that you only hang around near Lake side due to its nice view over Fewa Lake and because of all the good restaurants and cafes.) So, we decided to go on an adventure. We put on our walking shoes and decided to take a walk besides Fewa Lake all the way to Davids fall and blab la Cave.


So, we started to walk by Fewa Lake and during our walk we saw a lot of things we did not count with. For example, did we find a cool restaurant where you need to take the boat over the lake to get there, we passed by two Tempels that we did not know existed, we needed to pass over a suspension bridge and came a cross the Peace Diversity Garden that hade a lot of different flower and trees. We did also see a lot of nice areas of Pokhara, we did meet goats, dogs and other animals on the way and new views over the Fewa Lake! A good walk to get there, so to say!

David’s fall:

To get into Davids fall you needed to pay 10R for entrance. It was a waterfall and a temple there, maybe not the coolest waterfall but still worth a visit and outside David’s fall there are some fun stores where you can by everything.


Next stop was the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave:

To get to this cave you needed to walk through a market where you could find everything. When you walked through the market you came to a big red temple with a staircase down into the ground, making the temple into a temple cave. This temple was super cool! You needed to pay 20R to get inside to the cave. You walked down the stairs and then into the cave. Inside the cave there was a really tiny labyrinth where you can find a small wooden cow and if you walked further down you arrived to another tinier temple. I would recommend going there!

(Unfortunately, you were not allowed to take photos inside the cave)

From there we took a taxi home because we were extremely tired after the walk!


International Mountain Museum:

Another weekend we went to the International Mountain Museum. The International Mountain Museum, surprise, surprise, is about different mountains, in Nepal and all over the world. But, also about the diversity in Nepal, Nepal’s Animals and the life in the Mountains. The best part of the museum was the movie they played once an hour and the art in the garden.