If you`re ever staying in Hoi An, Vietnam: GO VISIT THE CHAM ISLANDS. This weekend we drove a speedboat to the Cham Islands which is about a 20 minutes boat ride away from Hoi An. The island is quite big, even though it is just a small part across the coastline of the island that is inhabited. We met a small fisher-village, where most of the restaurants sold seafood except from the traditional Vietnamese food.

We stayed at the island for one night, and we were really lucky with the weather. After a night at the Sunbay Homestay, me and three other girls woke up at 05.00 am in the morning to drive motorbikes up the mountain and watch the sunrise. I honestly can say that this so far topped my stay in Vietnam. We did not stool to see the sun go up but driving motorcycles up the mountain so early in the morning was an amazing experience.  Remember that you need a valid drivers license for renting motorbikes in Vietnam. When everybody else woke up around 09.00 am one of the locals took us on a boat ride around the island so we could snorkel and watch the coral reefs before getting back to Hoi An.