The alarm clock starts beeping at 08.00 and it’s time for a new day! 🙂

Everyday at 08.00 the breakfast served at The Tuki Resort. They serve a breakfast buffet every morning with fruit, bread, muffins, coffee & tea, musli, eggs, sausages and some local dishes and much more. So, there is food for everyone’s taste!

You can not have a better morning routine then this one! You wake up, walk 3 minutes from your home and open the doors to the dining room, facing all your classmates and hearing the sound of everyone saying “Good Morning!” to each other. Such a happy start of the day!

Then you all go to the classroom that is also located in the Tuki Resort. The classroom is a perfect sized room, not to small and not to big, creating a cozy and comfy classroom to have lectures in and to discuss. You also get water, coffee and tea to all the lectures – The best!

The first lecture starts at 09.00 and is 45 minutes long. After the 45 minutes lecture there are a 15 minutes coffee refile and break. And then you have another lecture in 45 minutes again.

How many lectures you have per day depends on the week schedule, if we are going to have guest lectures, going on a school trip or some other activity. But usually there are two or three lectures in the morning. Which means that you end school between 11.00-13.00. So, sometimes you have 2h break between school and lunch, where you can study at a cafe or at school, or go to the gym or do something else.

The lunch is also a buffet with salads, main dishes and desert and is served 13.00 o’clock also at the Tuki Resort. As you probably understand now, is almost everything located at the Tuki Resort. Resulting Tuki to feel like our other home in Pokhara.

After lunch you are free to do whatever you want to do and there are lots of options.

Pokhara is filled with nice cafes and restaurants. Where you can go study or play some games for example.

Some nice cafes that we liked to go to was:

Jiva Cafe – Was hidden from the main street with a really nice garden to hang out in. The cafe had good wifi and was quiet. At the Jiva Cafe you could also get a massage which i highly recommend.

Java House – There was three different Java House Cafes located in Pokhara and you can even find it in Kathmandu as well. They have great coffee, wifi and super nice service. They also have the best chocolate brownie, with walnuts and white chocolate inside, in Pokhara according to me.

French Creperie – Is also at lakeside and is the place I went to the most. They have the best food! Super fresh, big portiones and super kind staff. Both the food and dessert crepes was fantastic!

French Bakery – Had great breakfast, coffee and they even had the best bread in Pokhara! Every weekend that I spent in Pokhara did I go there and buy their bread and go home a make my own breakfast.

Or2k – Was the place that we both had our welcome dinner and goodbye lunch at. You can look at the lake from there and the vibe is great. They have nice salads, drinks and coffee as well.

These are really not the only places that are good in Pokhara. There are many many more restaurants and cafes that are great but these are the ones we usually went to go to studdie.

There are some really nice shops. Selling nice clothes and souvenirs. A lot of people from the class brought nice stuff to have in the apartment during the stay, for example pennants hanging in the roof.

Also good to know, you can find really nice clothes in al the different shops in Pokhara so if you like to shop bring an almost empty bag. Though I know some did not manage to pack their bags on the way home, so they needed to send a package home, which worked fine!

Also, if you like to read! No worries, Pokhara have loads of good bookstores, with a variety of genres and types.

Another tip, if you like to work out and go to the gym there is a great gym by the lakeside. Almost half of the group had membership at the gym and if I remember right it costs like, 10 dollars a week.