After two weeks in Pokhara, the whole class desided that it was time to go on an adventure. There are plenty of places to visit around Pokhara, and the small city is known for its beautiful nature and many treks in the Himalayan.


We all decided to go to Dhampus. A place that is a part of the Himalayan. Dhampus is a small village in the Gandaki-zone, North of Nepal. Dhampus is 1750 meters above the sea. We all squeezed into a jeep and left Pokhara City for the weekend. It is very smart to rent a jeep if you are enough people. One jeep takes up to 9 people (we were 14, still fitting all), and is worth the extra price compared with the bus in both time and comfort.


When we arrived Dhampus we all had good food and some drinks during the evening and night at this really cosy place. Next morning at 5 o’clock, we woke up to the beautiful sunrise over the Himalayan mountains. We were all shocked over the beauty of the morning glory, and plenty of pictures were taken.

Some of us decided to go back to Pokhara this morning, while the rest of us went a bit further into the mountains to Deurali. We stayed at the most adorable family, surounded by hens, cats and dogs, and buffle. The walk took about two hours, and we stayed the evening at the house with bonfire and delicious food.


Next morning we walked a short cut to AC, Australian Camp: Australian Camp is the first stop on the way to Mount Everest.  Lucky for us, we got to walk the stairs facing down to the main road, and not opposite!


Dhampus is a beautiful place to visit for one or two nights, and take you to every where you want to go in the Annapurna region surrounding Pokhara.