One thing I learned in Buenos Aires is that time really flies. It has now been 16 weeks since the first day of classes and the first meeting with my now friends. So many things have happened this semester that it would be impossible to sum them all up, and to be honest now when the semester coming to an end I almost feel a bit overwhelmed. How do you just leave what’s been your everyday life for months, the new friends and the place that felt like home? Buenos Aires have truly felt like home, and the last week have been a lot of ‘lasts’. The last Spanish class. The last night out with friends. The last coffee at my favorite café. The last morning walk around Puerto Madero.

I dare to say that this feeling was shared by every one of my fellow students, as we all tried to make the absolute most of our final days in Buenos Aires in between studying for the final exams. No one could really wrap their head about the fact that we were all about to leave, even though we were packing, handing in our essays and printing flight tickets. Instead, the group chats were full of plans of how to ignore the facts just a little bit longer. When I look through my camera roll from the last days it looks like the one thing we did the most was eat, but with as city with tons of great restaurants and exam results to celebrate, what else could one do?  Best of all however, was the pizza and asado night at the rooftop terrace of Casa Pichincha, with Saigon (Vietnamese restaurant) and Sarkis (Georgian restaurant) coming real close.

Now the bags are packed, the exams finished and the goodbye-party over and I’m heading towards new adventures in South America. I am already looking forward to reunite with this noisy, never-sleeping, beautiful, dirty and amazing city and I feel really jealous of you who have this whole adventure to look forward to! It may be challenging it times, but I promise you that one day you will find yourself where I am, wishing it all could last just a little bit longer.