Earlier I have written about what to do in Pokhara and Kathmandu, fun and cool activities that both Pokhara and Nepal provides with and lastly a normal school week and schedules. All these things are necessary and fun things to get excited over when traveling to Nepal with Kulturstudier. But all these things together only gives you a small picture of what the experience in Nepal with Kulturstudier actually is like.

Now  after the course has ended I would not describe Pokhara/Nepal and the experience given to us by explaining the different fun activities or the great cafes in Pokhara. I would describe the experience with words such as joy, happiness, laughter, friendship lasting a lifetime and memories for life.

I am trying to paint a picture where you add all the things written about earlier and then add classmates, fantastic teachers, the people working at Tuki, the people you get to know and talk to during your 10 week stay.

Only adding that you are in South Asia studying Peace and Conflict specialised in South Asia, is one of the best things with the studies in Nepal!

Then all the fun discussions during classes, all the jokes outside the classrooms! And all the time spent together playing games, talking and laughing and just enjoying life! Further, everyone is so nice and you really get the feeling that you are a family or a community. For example myself and three others from the course travelled in India after the course. In India we have been visiting a couple of teachers and friends that we without the course never would have met. I also know that some others from the course instead went to Thailand were they also met up with teachers and friends from the course.

There are a lot of fantastic things with Nepal and Kulturstudier and I have now tried to describe it in my posts and to end my love letter I would like to say two more things about the course and Nepal.

Firstly -the topic of course – Peace and Conflict is something I never had thought about studying before I came over Kulturstudier. After I am so happy that I did. Peace and conflict is a course that helps you understand the world we live in but also understand yourself. It includes a lot of subjects and levels in society.

Lastly, you get to do all these things in a environment from where you can everyday see the tops of the highest mountains in the world. And not only that, you get to study with a view over the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen!

Thanks you so much Nepal, Pokhara and Kulturstudier for these memories!