The last weekend here in Nepal, me and my closest friend wanted to do something special. After seeing the mountains, and enjoying lazy days at the pool, we decided to go on a weekend trip to Begnas Lake. Everyone kept talking about how we should visit it, so we had to give it a try! It is located around 40 minutes from where we live, and has tons of cute guesthouses to stay in, as well as restaurants where you can eat fresh local fish from the lake. We stayed in the Majhikuna-area, and to my understanding, this is supposed to be the best place to stay at the lake due to the spectacular view, as well as creative and artistic restaurants. For sure something you don’t come across often.

When we first got there, we ate lunch at a café with an absolutely breathtaking view! The nature actually reminded me a little of Norway and lazy summer days at our cabin in Northern-Norway. However, this was much bigger, and it didn’t hurt that we could sip our coffee and work on our final exam for school to the view of the lake, but also the Himalayas!

After doing some schoolwork at the café, working out, and chilling in the hammock, we rented a boat and headed out in the open lake! Without planning for it, we just catched the sunset and (after making sure the boat wouldn’t flip over) we jumped in the water and were swimming while watching the Himalayas and the sunset. Truly a beautiful and peaceful experience.

The day ended with masala-tea (a must in Nepal) at our balcony at the guest house we stayed at. The family who owned it were so excited to have us there and also made our stay memorable by welcoming us with such kind hearts. That is one thing you will notice in Nepal, most businesses are small and family-owned, and if it is a guest house they usually live there too, which makes it such a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. I love Lakeside (the area in Pokhara where we normally live) but coming to this, much bigger and majestical lake, was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

– Elise