My semester in Nepal is coming to an end. Soon it’s time to say goodbye to some of my most memorable moments and the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever met. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on my top experiences here in Nepal.

Weekend trip to Happy Village

One weekend me and a friend decided we wanted a little “get away” from the place we live. We ended up booking an Airbnb up in a hill in Happy Village, and spent the whole weekend by the pool with a stunning view of the mountains. In the evening, we met some people from Kathmandu there, and they invited us to celebrate one of the girls’ birthdays and met a couple working in Afghanistan and Bangladesh for Doctors Without Borders. Amazing to hear their stories from their work there!

Boat trip

Nepal is full of breathtaking valleys and lakes, and a ride in one of the “iconic” boats here is a must. One of my first days here, me and another student went to the lake only 10 minutes from where we live and met a “Dai” (big brother in Nepali) who wanted to take us for a ride. After seeing some of the beautiful mountains and nature from the boat, he took us to a temple that’s located in the middle of the ocean. Fore sure something you won’t see a lot of places.


This day I have the amazing yoga studio “yogconnection” to thank for. An Egyptian girl I met on the bus to Pokhara were doing meditation training at their studio and invited me to a ceremony where one of the instructors were “going up a level” and becoming a “Baba” that is supposed to serve his community. The ceremony started with us throwing different seeds on a fire while saying some blessings. It ended with the Baba handing out necklaces for everyone that is supposed to bring luck when you hold it. Later, we got to partake in sound healing, yoga, and a kirtan class was offered in the evening. I was exhausted when I got home, but loved every second of such a different experience.

The Phewa Powerhouse waterfall

This is when I first realized that Nepal has so much more to offer than just mountains. They also have beautiful and tropical places, and this waterfall has become my favorite. Me and some friends downloaded the “In Driver” app (Nepal’s version of Uber) and three scooters came and picked us up. We spent the whole day there and I truly felt like a kid at Aqualand! (And there were tons of cute goats there.)


Dashain is a major Hindu holiday that celebrates the victory of good and evil. It is one of the longest festivals in Nepal and ends with “the light festival” where almost every Nepali house is covered in lights, people are dancing on the streets, and lighting candles outside of their home. I was lucky enough to be invited to a Dashain celebration and got to borrow a beautiful Shari when we visited the temple.

Peace Stupa

Just a short scooter-ride from where we live is the Peace Stupa located – a Buddhist temple where you can see the Himalayan mountains from. Many people also take the boat across the lake and walk up to the stupa. However, I was lucky enough to get a ride from my little Nepali crush, who was eager to show me around.

Davis falls

This place encompasses three memorable things: 1) the waterfall 2) the temple, and 3) the spectacular cave! The temple was very different from the ones I had been to before, and I loved the tiny details in the architecture everywhere. However, the cave was probably my favorite as we struggled to walk in some of the small rooms but were stunned when we saw the waterfall inside the cave, under the ground.

Halloween at The Juicery Cafe

This restaurant has become my favorite place to be in Pokhara. Who knew a restaurant could mean so much to someone? In fact, it is where I’ve gotten some of my closest friends here, and I love watching them play there every night. In the morning it is a beautiful place you can drink fresh juice while looking at the lake – and in the evening it’s live music and dancing. On Halloween, the owner wanted to do something special and invited us for “pumpkin carving” in the morning, and we helped prepare for the Halloween party later that evening. You don’t want to miss Halloween in Nepal!

Me and the staff at The Juicery

These experiences (and many more!) shaped my stay in Nepal, and I’m forever thankful for them and the people who made it happen.