After having stayed here for a while now, and having talked to some of my fellow students, I have some good packing tips for you! Here are also some things to keep in mind when you pack.

  1. My very first packing tips is to pack less than you think you need! Most students tend to overpack when coming here, and I’ve heard lots of people talking about clothing items they haven’t even used once since they got here. From my personal experience, you often find your favorite items of what you’ve brought and use those a lot. The rest is just left in the closet. Many students also leave behind several clothing items when they leave because they don’t really use them anymore. Another reason to pack less than you think, is that Hoi An is well-known for its tailors, and the majority of us have bought custom-made clothes – so make sure to have room for that when you pack! The city also has several good thrifting stores!


  1. If you plan on travelling before, during, or after your semester in Hoi An, I recommend packing in a backpack instead of a suitcase. I would also recommend to pack in one big and one small backpack. The smaller backpack is also convenient for shorter weekend trips. And even if you are not doing any extra travels, keep in mind that it the roads here are not necessarily built for suitcases.

  1. Vietnam is usually pretty hot, but it might also get chilly. Therefore, I would recommend to pack summer clothes, but also to bring a sweater for the colder evenings. For traveling, it might also be good to have some warmer clothes. In the more mountainous areas, it is often colder than in Hoi An. You will also need clothing to cover your shoulders and knees when at the campus area at school, ex. a shirt and long pants or a skirt.

  1. As Vietnam has a heavy rainy season, especially during the fall semester, I would recommend bringing (or buying here) flipflops and a drybag. Many students have experienced that their sandals, specifically Birkenstock have been ruined by the rain and humidity, so flipflops are preferable. A drybag is nice to keep your electronics and valuables dry when you take it out of the house when it’s raining. A raincoat is also convenient, though most of us bought rain ponchos here that are made specifically for biking. This poncho is genius!


  1. The majority of products such as deodorant, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, etc., can be bought here, but if you use any special products, I recommend bringing those from back home. Also, keep in mind that a lot of the sunscreens and lotions here contain whitening, so this is also good to bring.

  1. Some other honorable mentions are;
  • A water bottle that you can refill. One that keeps your water cold is also nice.
  • A proper towel is hard to find and you will not get one at the student houses. It is smart to bring your own if you want a good one.
  • An extra phone in case you main one gets stolen, lost, or damaged. Some also kept their sim-card from back home in their extra phone. This extra phone is usually one’s old phone.
  • For those using tampons, you need to bring this as they don’t sell it here in Vietnam.
  • Bringing a padlock is always a good idea. At hostels, they often have lockers where you need to use your own padlock.
  • As Hoi An is quite humid, I recommend bringing a thread/string that you can hang up in our room and use to dry clothes. I use a shoelace.


– Nathalie