After having completed the 10 weeks in Pokhara, the home exam period is up next. One of the best parts about this, is that you can do the exam from anywhere in the world, as long as you have Wi-Fi.

This post is dedicated to informing you on the possibility to take the exam in Pondicherry, India. As well as be a source of inspiration through showing you some of the other options that this year’s class opted for.


Pondicherry, India

This is the main option that Kulturstudier advertises on the website. This is partly because the Peace and Conflict studies were originally taught there. Furthermore, it is a safe, beautiful place to do the exam in. Within the first weeks of your stay in Nepal, you will get more information on this, however it is worth knowing that it is pretty much just a recommendation from Kulturstudier. You are yourselves responsible for arranging the trip there, and therefore the cost is also subject to whatever you chose to make it into. Kulturstudier does however, have a contact person in Pondicherry, that is happy to assist you with accommodation etc. This can also be your contact person on your visa application for India.

Photo: Hedda Førde Moen


Backpacking India, Sri Lanka or anywhere else

Maybe the most common option is to go backpacking somewhere in the neighboring countries of Nepal. This year, some people went straight to Sri Lanka and had the entire exam period there. Others, myself included, went to India. We decided to travel north to south, from New Delhi to Kochi by train. Amazing experience, however, not ideal for writing an exam. We all managed to do it, but if you want to do good on your exam maybe stay in just one or two places. Several others went to countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and even Japan! As mentioned above, you can go wherever you want and you are most likely to find classmates who want to go to the same place as you. Some also decided to stay in Nepal the entire exam period to do longer treks or just explore more of the country in general.


Photo: Anna Amalie Jakobsen


Going home

 There is of course also the option of going home. Whether you have ran out of money, have a loved one you really miss, or simply just want to go home, doing your exam there is no bad option.

Photo: Synne Brattli

For the fall semester you have the joy of coming home to the run-up to Christmas with advent calendars, Christmas markets, snow etc., which some of us who have backpacked really missed this year. A lot of students don’t book their ticket home before they have arrived in Nepal, and I would recommend this as you keep all your options open.

Photo: Synne Brattli

– Amalie