Hello everyone!

Whenever I travel to a new country, I always do some research on typical things to do in the country. I want to do both typical tourist things and some things that connects more with the culture and are more off-the-tracks. I really want to always make the best of my travels, so I thought I could share my Costa Rica “Bucket List” with you to inspire you 🙂

1. Go ziplining in the jungle – this is so popular among the tourists and there are several ziplines across the country. They vary in price and lengths, but the views are amazing.

Swimming in a waterfall is an absolute must in Costa Rica!

2. Go swimming in a waterfall – This is an opportunity you can´t miss! Costa Rica is full of waterfalls, some more known than others, but all of them so refreshing and gorgeous.

3. Go drive ATVs in the jungle – this is also very popular among tourists and might be a little pricy. However, driving across rivers and in beautiful surroundings is a pretty good experience.

4. Surf – this is a classical thing to do when you are in Costa Rica. There are several places to do this, and you might as well have the opportunity to do it at every coast place. Santa Teresa is very popular and known for its surfer community, but Dominical is also quite familiar and known in the surfer’s world. You can do this activity for a pretty good price and have instructors to help you!

Hiking in a Cloudforest is a perfect weekend acitivty.

5. Walk in a cloudforest – a cloudforest is a tropical forest with a lot of fog. We actually went to a cloud forest close to San Isidro with school. It is very humid but a beautiful hike to do.

The caribean side of Costa Rica offers beautifull beaches and postcard palms.

6. Visit the Caribbean side – while being in a country limited to both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, you should take the chance to experience both. We went to Puerto Viejo with the school, and it was such a good and different vibe!

7. Watch the sunset from a beach – you´ll never get tired of the beautiful Costa Rican sunsets, and the beach is the best place to watch the day end.

8. Go to a coffee farm or do a cacao experience – We were actually so lucky that we could do both through school through the sustainability course. This is such an exotic experience for us from Europe and it’s so cool to learn about cultivation and the process of the products that are such a big part of our lives.

I was so lucky to see this guy in Puerto Viejo. So cute!

9. See a sloth – they are hard to spot because of their slow movements and high hiding places, but we did not want to leave Costa Rica without seeing a sloth. Luckily, we also went to a rescue center on the Caribbean side, where we could see sloths that was saved from damage by humans and set free.

10. Visit Manuel Antonio – this is my favorite national park in Costa Rica. It has so many animals and also beautiful beaches. Here we saw sloths, crabs, monkeys and iguanas.

– Ingvild