¡Buenos días!

As students here in San Isidro, we have long weekends, lasting from Thursday to Sunday. This unlocks a lot of possibilities regarding weekend trips to beautiful places nearby.

In this blog post, I will present my weekend trips to Uvita, Manuel Antonio (in Quepos), Dominical, and San Jose – all of which are reachable by bus from San Isidro. It should also be noted that this is a very comfortable and affordable way to travel.


Only a 2-hour bus ride away, you will find Uvita. Uvita is known for its characteristic beach shaped like a shark’s tail. In Uvita, you will find beautiful beaches, waterfalls which you can slide down, and the opportunity to go on whale or dolphin safaris.

A 2,5-hour bus ride brings you to beautiful Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio is a national park in Quepos, with white beaches, turquoise water, and a broad diversity of animals.

During our stay, we were lucky enough to see monkeys at the beach, iguanas in our garden and even a sloth crossing the street with a baby on her stomach.



The shortest trip by bus is the 1.5-hour ride to Playa Dominical.

This is a destination with great surf, cute markets, and a wide range of nice surf cafés.

Moreover, since it is so close to San Isidro, it is also easy to take an early bus to Dominical and take the latest bus home if you want to make it a day trip.




The last – and with its 3,5 hours the longest – bus ride I have taken is to the capital of Costa Rica; San Jose. In the capital, there are a lot of different activities to do, including shopping, clubbing, and visiting various museums. My favorite thing to do in San Jose is thrift shopping in the city’s many “Tienda Americana’s”. The style in Costa Rica is quite different from the style in Norway, which means that you can find a lot of cool pieces for cheap prices!

Although there has only been six weeks since we arrived, we have found a lot of time for travelling. These are not the only destinations reachable by bus, as some of our fellow students even ventured to Panama and Nicaragua during the weekends. In other words, the opportunities for traveling are only limited by your imagination.

I hope this can serve as inspiration for your future weekend trips!


Nos vemos,
Pernille <3 (23)