A group of us student just spent the weekend in Busua, a small village three hours south of Cape
Coast. We organized the transportation through the help of our field manager who got in touch
with two drivers who drove us there. As we were a big group, some of us rented an Airbnb and
some stayed at a hotel, but because it is such a small town, it was only a few minutes walking
between the accommodations.

We arrived around noon on Friday, so we checked in to our Airbnb and went to the beach. As our
house was on the beach, it was very convenient to go there right away to enjoy the sun. After a
little while, we walked over to a restaurant for lunch.

In Ghana, and also in Busua, there are large Rastafari communities, and this restaurant gave such a vibe. After a simple lunch, we returned to the beach. The waves there were a lot smaller than back home in Cape Coast, so it was way more
fun to swim and play in the water.

The only downside of this beach was that there were a lot of kids approaching us, sitting down on our sarongs, and playing with some of our stuff. So, at some point, we decided to round up our stuff and head to a street shop to buy beer and water.
Later in the evening, we went out for dinner and then, some beers back at the house.

Surprisingly, we had breakfast included at the house, so we started our day with a nice and long
breakfast before we headed back to the beach for a few hours. Seeing as Busua is such a small
town, there isn’t much to do there, so we didn’t feel any pressure to do anything but relax. After
a few hours at the beach, we got some lunch, and then we went surfing. Well, I didn’t, but a lot
of the others did. Some of them had never surfed before, so they took an introduction lesson with
instructors helping them, and some just rented a surfboard and headed out into the waves. As I
mentioned, the waves there were a lot smaller than in Cape Coast, but they were still very good
for surfing. At least for beginners.

After surfing, we grabbed some snacks and some beers, and then headed back to the house to relax for a little while. For dinner, we went to a nice little restaurant and ate chicken and rice. Later, we went to a paint and sip bar where we had cocktails and painted. There was also a big beach party that night that some of us went to!

On Sunday, some went back to rent a surfboard and catch some more waves, while the rest of us
relaxed at the house or at the beach. After lunch, our drivers came to pick us up and drive us
back to Cape Coast. We had to leave a little ahead of schedule because one of the bridges on the
road had collapsed, so we had to make a detour. After a long and dusty ride, we all made it back
home, well relaxed and a little bit sunburned.


– Nathalie