“Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky” – Arna Bontemps


Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city life and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature? Join me as I recount our adventure to Corcovado, a hidden gem found deep in the Jungle of Costa Rica, Central America.

Our journey started with a comfortable bus ride from Manuel Antonio to our destination. We drove through the countryside, mile by mile taking us closer to the wonderful experience we were seeking.

Our first stop was at Cinca 6, an archaeological museum offering a glimpse into the region’s rich history. It was a rewarding exploration, and we absorbed every detail with fascination. From ancient artifacts to intriguing stories, Cinca 6 filled our curiosity and cultural needs and set the stage for the adventures that awaited us.

Next, we sat sail on a boat journey to our hostel, “Life for Life”. Located in a secluded corner of the coast, the hostel offered a simple yet charming retreat amid nature’s embrace. We were met by the hostel owner and his donkey on the beach, whom they later helped our group by carrying our bags through the jungle. With almost no human settlement, it was as desolate as you could get. This meant no light pollution on the sky, and no sea pollution on the beach. We were treated to the most mesmerizing sunset we have ever seen, with each sunbeam painting the sky with vibrant hues long after the sun had disappeared below the horizon.

And then came the stars. I had never witnessed such a breathtaking sight. With no city lights to outshine them, the night sky transformed into a dazzling display of twinkling shooting stars, leaving us speechless in the face of the universe’s magnitude. The sky in Corcovado cannot be described, it must be experienced.

But perhaps the most exciting part of our journey was our exploration of Corcovado National Park. As we went deeper into the jungle, we were greeted by a symphony of sounds and an extreme variety of animal life. From the haunting calls of howler monkeys to the extraordinary sight of snakes up close, the park’s tropical life was unmatched.

Corcovado was a sanctuary for countless species, from majestic jaguars to elusive tapirs. Although we didn’t see any feline mammals, we learned a lot about how the pumas and jaguars lived in the jungle, and we were also educated that the Corcovado National Park is the park that has the largest amount of jaguars in Central America. With each step through the jungle, we felt as though we were discovering a new corner of paradise, and our senses were heightened by the sights and sounds of the untamed wilderness.

In Corcovado, time seemed to stand still, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. Everyone was told to be quiet during the whole tour, so we would get the authentic experience and find ourselves in the life of the animals. Every moment was a reminder of the beauty of the natural world, and we left the park feeling humbled by its majesty. Among the animals we could count as seen were Crocodile, KingFisher, Tapir, Scarlet Macaws, Anteaters, Toucans, and White-Nosed Coatis, !Four types of Monkeys, Bats, Two-Toed Sloths, and Ant-eaters.

If you ever find yourself yearning for adventure and longing to reconnect with the wild, look no further than Corcovado. Trust me, the journey will leave you forever changed, with memories that will last a lifetime. Seek romance, seek beauty, seek Corcovado.


Pura Vida,

– Axel Mortensen