Interview with Nepali student Aashika

My name is Aashika Ranabhat. I am 22 years old.I am from Newroad, Pokhara.

In what context did you chose to study with Kulturstudier?

I got to know about Kulturstudier through my college professor, who is associated with Pokhara University as a Lecturer. I was fascinated with their course Peace and Conflict Studies as it resembles my ongoing undergraduate study, BASW ( Bachelor of Arts in Social Work). Moreover being a South Asian getting an opportunity to know the different perspectives of South Asia especially from a peace and conflict point of view and apart from it getting a chance to explore the European way of learning was a push factor for me. 


How did you experience the study program, both the social life (studying with mostly Scandinavian students) and the academic content of the program?

Overall I had a very good experience from being part of most of the social activities organised by Scandinavian students which allowed me to interact with fellow students and learn about their way of living and culture in a better way. Apart from this sometimes I used to have a communication barrier with them as they were from Norway and used the Norwegian language for communication which made me feel neglected by the group. While the academic content of the programs was very effective, all the professors and their way of teaching gave enlightenment to the course and made me more confident about my learning. 


Any advice for fellow students considering applying to the program?

Don't worry about others' opinions, be inquisitive, interact with all your fellow students and professors, and when in doubt contact seminar leaders, and explore every opportunity and social activity. 


Any final remarks? 

To sum up, I had a wonderful time with Kulturstudier. It was more than what I expected, and definitely in the future, I would love to explore more in this kind of program if possible.

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